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My Figure International contest prep  has been interesting since I decided to try a new training regimen.. Why? I needed a change in pace, new motivation.. I was training intensely 6 days a week as well as my usual cardio.. Working harder than ever, I was frustrated when things were not moving along as usual..

As a competitor I have to remind myself to avoid over training: You should have at least two days in between training the same muscle groups. When you work a muscle, the muscle fibers tear. Given the proper rest and recovery, your muscle fibers will repair themselves and grow leaner and stronger. But if you train the muscle too soon and impede its recovery, you can damage the muscle and break it down. This results in added stress on the body, thus slowing progress.

I know when you have big goals it can be hard to pace yourself, but remember.. a great athlete trains smart!

Strong mind, strong body..


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