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Its Thursday

And my scale has not budged!! Gerrrr.. I know, I know.. its not about the number its about what I look like.. Okay so Im getting a taste of my own medicine.. lol It really is hard not to constantly compare to "where I was at this time for last show."  I had a great appt yesterday with good friend and mentor Keith Klein.  My circumference measurements have improved in all the right places (gah I have great trainer!!) and my body fat is sitting right at 6%. This is where I normally like to compete, but the pro stage is a little different. I know I will not be the hardest girl on stage but this is what works for me :)

I got a late night text that another Olympian has jumped into the show.. oh yeah baby! Bring em all!! The more the better!!

I am getting really excited about seeing my friends and family!! My Dad is driving in from Arkansas today, and Im going with my mom to pick up my grandmother tomorrow..  Its been a while since Ive seen both..  My good friend Brian bought and entire section of tickets just for our crew!! What a guy!! So far there is 27 of us... WOW!! We have 3 tickets left sitting with us, so let me know if your going to make it and want to sit close :)

Okay, time to hit the gym.. until tomorrow!! xoxo Court

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3 more days!

Well it is 3 days until my Pro debut!! I am feeling good both mentally and physically, a drastic change from last week..maybe the adrenaline?? Anyway, I still want to come down about a lb just to be safe, so I will be pushing cardio and tilapia all the way to the end.. Apologies to my clients who have put up with the lovely smell all these weeks.. :)

To my surprise, my cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers has hit the stand early!! What an overwhelming feeling to actually see it on the shelf!!! These are the magazines I poured over as a teenager wondering how the hell did they look like that?!  Coming from a home where diet food was a Lean Cuisine frozen dinner, its been a long journey.. (and yes, I was put on the "lean cuisine diet" in 5th grade when mom thought i should lose a few lbs!!)

More than anything, this will be the first show both parents, my grandmother, both trainer and nutritionist, and a number of friends will be attending. I am so excited to see everyone.  The support I have received these last few weeks has really been motivating. So whether I place or not, this is going to be an amazing weekend. A BIG SINCERE THANKYOU to everyone who has supported me.


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1 more week!

Ok, I have to say this has probably been the most intense week of my contest prep! After a long weekend in Vegas at the Olympia I had to really buckle down on my diet and cardio. Ive really had to throw a wrench in my training to stimulate some response. Ive been dieting since May and as we all know the body will adjust to prolonged stress.. In other words you have to keep changing the routine!!

So the last two weeks Ive been training with MMA fighter Chris Hernandez.. doing high intesity circuit training, boxing, etc. WOW has it been a shock to my body!! I am sore in so many new places, and not to mention thrilled with the results!! Now its a downhill slide to the finish line!! Thanks Chris for whipping this girl back into shape! (he doesnt play)

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